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Partners In Healing

My psychiatric practice provides a unique, safe and supportive setting for individuals, couples and group members who wish to experience in-depth healing and growth. After providing a detailed evaluation, including consultation with family members and other health care professionals when appropriate, I collaborate with you in designing an individualized treatment plan. As your psychiatrist, my goal is to help you heal by integrating mind, body and spirit.

Psychiatry, with its comprehensive integration of medicine, psychology, mind-body interactions and brain functioning, is uniquely suited to help individuals whose difficulties fall into two major categories: 1. managing the overwhelming stresses of today's world in the context of acute individual crises and; 2. healing from long-standing maladaptive behavior problems or chronic psychiatric conditions such as depression and anxiety.

I use a number of specific techniques, carefully tailored to suit your needs. While these techniques are important, I believe one of the key ingredients in our healing work will be our developing an open, trusting, collaborative relationship with a focus on discovering and augmenting your strengths. Thus, we will work together as partners in healing.

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